Beauty Always Blooms from a Seed of Faith

Heaven Is In Your Heart & 
You're Designed to Live Supernaturally!

Come Sit in the Heavenlies,
on Papa, Daddy's Lap &
Succeed Out of the Overflow of That

Let's Get You Growing!

Step Into God's Perfect Love 

Jesus did not come to save us FROM God, but to SHOW us God, and invite us into His presence. Come, sit on Daddy's lap.

Designed to Breathe the Air of Prayer

Dolphins can last 5 minutes without air. We, too, need constant physical AND spiritual air to thrive. Learn to breathe the air of prayer.

Created as a Flow Through Vessel

Created to flow God's love and life into the world, you are invited to live a SUPER-natural life here followed by eternity with Him. 
Marnie Swedberg embodies faith-in-action while generating "aha" moments of perspective transformation. This author of 14 books, mentor to millions, and host of the largest online directory of its kind in the world, brings joy, energy, and insights to every conversation. Fun and fast-paced, yet peaceful and approachable, her history includes fires, floods, a tornado, car wrecks, business set-backs, a burglary, lightning strike, sudden death in the family, and more. She models come-back behavior, possibility thinking, and profound faith. 


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